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 Houston after Hurricane Harvey

Houston after Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund

Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund established by SPJST Foundation

   The  devastation experienced by Texans living along the Texas Gulf Coast and many points inland reminds us of the fragile existence that we share with our environment.  In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, SPJST members and others have been contacting the SPJST Home Office in Temple wanting to give financial assistance — under the auspices of the SPJST.

   The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund has been organized and will be managed by the SPJST Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, located within the confines of the SPJST Home Office at 520 North Main Street in Temple, Texas.

  Relief efforts are currently underway and are expected to continue for months if not years.  A Hurricane Harvey Relief Committee will be established to identify projects needing attention and submitting requests to the SPJST Foundation for the disbursement of funds contributed to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. 

  As Texans work to rebuild their lives post Hurricane Harvey, it is important that SPJST — through the SPJST Foundation — do all it can to help them get back on their feet.  The Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund is being organized in a fashion similar to that of the West Benevolence Fund which sought to address a multitude of needs and projects promulgated as a result of the massive April 18, 2013 fertilizer explosion which rocked the Central Texas City of West.

  Checks may be issued to the “SPJST Foundation” and designated in the memo portion of the check to be directed to the “Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund.”  Donations to the relief fund are tax-deductible.