SPJST Lodge 47 Seaton Meeting

On Sunday, I visited the SPJST Lodge 47 at Seaton Star Hall. The youth met first and for such a small community, I was really surprised at how many were there. What a great group! The older students led the meeting. At one point, everyone with a birthday this month lined up for their birthday hug. The youth leaders gave me a few minutes to talk about the Museum and invite them in for a tour. I'm looking forward to seeing them soon! 

Next, I crossed the room for the adult meeting. James Lee of the SPJST Foundation spoke about how the Foundation exists to support the Czech Heritage Museum and the Education and Nature Center, a summer camp venue in South Texas. I told the members about some of our old and new exhibits and acquisitions and also our needs. I also told them how Julia Zavodny, who grew up in that lodge, had modeled in kroj for an article featuring the Museum in the Tex Appeal magazine. She made the cover!!

Julia Zavodny models a traditional Czech kroj for the cover of  Tex Appeal  magazine. 

Julia Zavodny models a traditional Czech kroj for the cover of Tex Appeal magazine. 

It felt like home. I grew up going there for dances, wedding receptions and all kinds of community and family events. One corner of the dance floor was about 10 feet from where I stood at the podium. As I started to speak, I looked over at that corner and my childhood came back in a happy little memory. When I was about nine, my friend, Cynthia Hurtik, and I would polka when we came with our parents to Seaton Star Hall. We especially liked to do circles at the corners and then fly across to the other end of the dance floor. I was nine again for half a second, laughing, circling and flying. Nothing can make you smile like a polka! 

Seaton Star Hall, Seaton, Texas

Seaton Star Hall, Seaton, Texas