Czech Grammar September Mini-Series at the Museum

 Czech Heritage Museum offers Czech grammar mini-series

The Czech Heritage Museum will offer two classes in September focusing on Czech grammar and usage.  

These classes will begin at 7 p.m. on September 14 and on September 28 at the Museum, 119 W. French Avenue. Doors will open at 6:30 p.m.

First Lieutenant Ethan Gleue of Fort Hood will teach the class. Lt. Gleue, West Point graduate, is an Apache helicopter pilot with the U.S. Army and will deploy overseas in October. Prior to working two years in Prague, Moravia and Slovakia, he attended intensive language training in Czech for nine weeks.

Lt. Gleue visited the Museum recently for a tour and offered to volunteer. “I am so happy to find others as passionate about all things Czech as I am,” he said.

“My vision for the class would be introductions, followed by sharing some useful vocabulary words, taking turns reading Czech passages focusing on pronunciation, speed, and proper pauses. After that I can cover grammar principles,” said Lt. Gleue.

While in the Czech Republic, Lt. Gleue designed a pocket card with declinations and other useful helps so that he could quickly learn to communicate.

Lt. Gleue will teach declination and the use of the cases, perfective vs. imperfective verbs first. But, if time allows, he will offer help with aby/abychom and other conditionals, the four “fors” of Czech and any other principles the class requests.

A donation of $7 per person is requested with all proceeds supporting upcoming World War I centennial exhibit at the Museum.

Sign up by contacting the Czech Heritage Museum at 254-899-2935, or at